Author: Pastor Tony Easterly

As a child growing up in the late 1950’s, I remember adult men abruptly stopping in the midst of what I latter came to understand were profane four letter words. They would stop the use of such foul language out of respect for women and children.  Sadly I have to admit that I too used foul language as a teenager and young adult but; I only refrained from using it because I didn’t want to suffer the consequences of getting caught using such language in the presence of my elders. That was a long time ago.

These days I hear a lot of foul mouthed conversation from children to mature adults and everything in between. From male and female ,the learned and unlearned alike, they all seem to favor one four letter word in particular.  I don’t use that kind of language anymore, but I do still have a favorite four letter word – it’s L-O-V-E , love.

In the tumultuous days we are experiencing love still covers a multitude of faults so I hope that L-O-V-E, love will become a part of your four letter word arsenal.