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About Us

Everything there is to know about us.

Our Congregation

Columbia Lakewood Community Church has a very active congregation. We the members strive to be a beacon of Christ’s love in both our neighborhood and the wider community. We do this through our worship, work, and witness in the common life of our Parish and its people.

Each Sunday we worship at 10:30 a.m. year round. We offer both adult as well as youth and young adult Sunday school which meets at 9:30 a.m.

We also host a Wednesday night bible study at 7:00 p.m. . Our worship service on Sunday morning is joyful, positive, life affirming and infused with music and song, from both our choir and the congregation.

After a recent extensive cleaning and renovation, we now proudly proclaim that we house in our church one of the finest pipe organs in Seattle.

We Are Self Governed

All churches in both denominations (United Church of Christ and Church of the Brethren) function by congregational, or self rule. This means that we are basically an independent church; with our own Constitution and By-laws, rather than being governed by the head offices of our denominations. We have an Executive Board which, together with our Pastor, oversees the operation of our church. The Executive Board is comprised of people elected from the membership by the membership. Three persons are elected to the Board each year and they serve for three years. this system gives the Board stability and change at the same time. It also allows all members the opportunity to serve. The Constitution and By-laws provide framework within which the Executive Board operates. It clearly defines the Board’s responsibilities and identifies what matters must be taken to the entire congregation for a decision. We believe this system provides for proper operation of our church in both religious and business matters.

Our Neighborhood

Columbia Lakewood Community Church is situated in a residential neighborhood in the Southeast area of Seattle, WA (Washington). P8071738The neighborhood is bounded by Lake Washington to the East, the Beacon Hill neighborhood to the West, the city of Renton to the South, and the Mount Baker neighborhood to the north. As such, the neighborhood provides a broad and diverse social, economic, and cultural base from which our church draws it’s congregation.

Numerous parks and playgrounds dot our neighborhood with Seward Park being one of the premiere parks in the Pacific Northwest. And of course, miles and miles of Lake Washington shoreline provides year around enjoyment for residents of our neighborhood.

In early August of each year, our neighborhood becomes the center of activity for the annual Seafair races held on Lake Washington. Visitors from far and wide come to our neighborhood to get fantastic front row seating for the hydroplane races and the Blue Angels show on race Sunday. Almost any location in our neighborhood provides prime viewing for the Blue Angel air show between heats of the hydroplane races.DSC_3627 A truly spectacular sight and breath taking experience as these jets rocket by literally just hundreds of feet above your head.

If you are interested in learning more about our neighborhood, community, as well as other resources we support, please click on the “Community” tab at the top of the page on the navigation bar. A number of links are included on that page as well as events going on in the area.

What you are is God's gift to you, what you become is your gift to God

Church Leaders

Reverend Richard McPherson
Reverend Richard McPherson serves as Pastor and leads Worship Service, heading Sermons and Bible studies, serving the members of the church. He also provides Pastoral Services to those in need.
Reverend Tony Easterly
Reverend Tony Easterly serves as Pastor and leads Worship Service, heading Sermons and Bible studies, serving the members of the church. He also provides Pastoral Services to those in need.
Vic Roberson
Vic Roberson is the Moderator for the Executive Board and active member of Columbia Lakewood Community Church.

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